Addendum and Extras

1. Lip Control and Flexibility Exercises

Since it may be some time before the next edition of my book, I have decided to post some things I am working on in the meantime. I also plan to post any corrections that I think are important. My students and I have found a few mistakes, but so far I would have to say that they are very minor and not worth commenting on at this time.

The book is an ongoing project, so in this way I hope to keep it growing and evolving. Please feel free to give feedback.

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2. The Hard-Easy training principle

This is a web page that explains the theory and practice of "Hard-Easy" training. For those of you who are playing and practicing hard every day in order to build your chops or just reach maximum strength, you might want to read this. I have talked about reaching fatigue levels before and this is something important to consider.

This is the material for the Lip Control segment on the DVDs - Volume 2

This is a PDF file of some new exercises I have designed to focus specifically on the movements of the inner lip muscles. This includes special attention to the slight in and out rolling of the lips as we change notes and registers. This file is similar to some of the lip trill exercises, but it has been modified slightly to help with the exact focus and intent. Please feel free to download and print the file. I now consider this to be one of the most important concepts and methodologies that I can provide to you as a horn player.

Thank you Jeff Smiley and Valerie Wells for your inspiration and feedback. Updated 6/14/07

3. Glissando Exercises

High register help

This is the material for the "Glissandos" segment on the DVDs - Volume 2

First edition book owners take note!

This pdf file is for those of you who have the original edition of the book. The second edition includes these exercises that utiliize the "Glissando Principle" to find the easiest way to play high notes. They are found in the "Upper Range Flexibility" section. These are especially useful if you have your embouchure set up properly and you are taking good, deep breaths. They can also give you insight on just how easily the upper register will speak if you don't over-tighten your lips. Feel free to download and print.

4. The Horn Call Article and Video

This is the article (and the video that goes with it) that appeared in the February 2008 Horn Call. Originally, just the video was posted so that explains my comments on the first part of the video.

Click on the article link first t read it, and then be sure to watch the video.

This article and video is about PHRASING and PRACTICING EFFICIENTLY for musical expression.

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Read the Article first.