Real World Horn Playing

by Wendell Rider

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What is Real World Horn Playing? It is a 192 page book about the fundamentals and professional secrets of French Horn playing, written by a horn player and teacher, for anyone who wants to improve their playing and hence their enjoyment of playing. It is also designed to be used as a teaching aid that contains text and exercises covering all the major aspects of horn technique from beginner through professional levels.

This excerpt from the new edition, "Balance and the Natural Process of Horn Playing," will give you an idea of what the book is about and my philosophy of teaching and problem solving.

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Addendum and Extras

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Table of Contents


Fingering Chart

Low Register


Working With Scales


Sample Pages

To the left are some samples from my book. The book is 192 pages long, 8.5x11 inches and bound to lie flat on a music stand. Just the section on Lip Trills is worth the price if you are having trouble with them. Want to expand your range? Open up your sound? There are lots of helpful hints on how to do just about anything on the horn. There are 20 odd pages of special long tone studies alone. Check out the Table of Contents for the entire list of subjects covered. These are PDF files. Feel free to print them out for your use.

Make sure your browser is configured properly. For Mac users that means having the PDFViewer Plugin installed in the browser Plugins folder. For PC users, do the file names nppdf32.dll and ewh32.api mean anything to you? Same thing. For best results, under Preferences in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader go to General then Display and check the box for Smooth Line Art.

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