Seventh Annual

Real World Horn Playing Summer Seminar

A Summer Seminar Dedicated to the Horn

For those who want to really ENJOY playing the French Horn.

Wendell Rider, Master Teacher and guests TBA

July 11-15, 2006

6 - 10 PM each day

Ohlone College Music Center

Co-Sponsored by:

Ohlone College, Fremont CA

Always lots of ensemble playing!

TWO seminars! Scott Hartman and I have joined forces to produce TWO seminars. There is one in the afternoons in Palo Alto for Junior High and Lower High School students who are more interested in intermediate level issues and want to work inside their own age group. I will be helping Scott with this seminar, that is sponsored by the El Camino Youth Symphony, and he will be helping me with my seminar. This will give us both more flexibility and give attendees more individualized instruction.

Check out this PDF brochure for all the details. You can download it and use it for registration. Give one to a friend.

I will be continuing the advanced seminar in the evenings from 6 to 10 PM at Santa Clara University. The emphasis is more on advanced technique and higher level ensemble playing. We have had so much fun with the pro-am horn choir, we will have at least three of those nights (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday), and a concert Saturday night. We will use the London Horn Sound and other arrangements as learning devices to study ensemble, intonation and general playing issues so we will be working with them every day.

Since we have more repeat attendees and since the quality of playing is going up, we will have more masterclass and advanced technique work. I have talked to several players who thought they might not be "ready" to come to this type of workshop but in each case, after hearing them play, I was able to assure them that they would be just fine. This seminar is really for all levels of playing from intermediate on up. If you have a question about this please get in touch with me.Remember, with the small class size and five evenings to work with, we can tailor the workshop to meet your needs.

Basic Technique



    Warming up

    Tone improvement

    Intonation and tuning

    Building technique

    Lip Trills


    How to practice

    Musical Phrasing


What I learned from Arnold Jacobs and how I apply it to my teaching. Also experience the use of several breathing devices used by Jacobs.

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Both Seminars cover the topics listed on this page, just at different levels. If you are unsure about which seminar you should attend, please contact me at 408 275-8242 or click here to email me.

Advanced Techniques

    Audition Preparation and

    Mock Auditions

    Solo Performance

    Orchestral Repertoire

    Finer points of Muscianship

    Professional Deportment for success

How better to enjoy something than to be able to do it well. The horn can be a very frustrating instrument. Old teaching methods made success on this most wonderful instrument largely a matter of luck since many teachers simply told their students "do what I do". There is nothing wrong with copying a great player. On the contrary, I recomend it highly. If, however, you cannot "be" your teacher, which most of us cannot, you can be left with serious problems that keep you from being your best.The purpose of this semminar will be to give you the tools to create your own success as a horn player for the rest of your life. We will cover the basics and the finer points. We will play together every day. Each person will get individual attention and special instructional materials (my book). You will be grouped with players of your own level for ensemble playing and we will put on a little concert at the end of the week. This will be a total immersion process for horn players. The emphasis is on learning.


    Ensembles every day

    Learn teaching techniques

    Personalized Instruction

    Guest Lecturers and PerformersTBA

    A copy of my book

    Lots of fun stories and practical advice about the professional life.

I have been teaching horn for more than 40 years. I played 32 years as principal horn with the San Jose Symphony until its untimely demise. I have many former students playing in professional orchestras, some of them principals. I have listened to countless auditionees on all instruments. I do a lot of audition preparation lessons as well as teach all levels of instruction.

My teaching techniques have evolved from my own studies with teachers as well known as Verne Reynolds, Phil Farkas and Arnold Jacobs and other lesser known people like Charles Bubb Jr. who added valuable concepts and techniques to my arsenal of methodology. Since I have had to surmount many common problems myself, I think I am unusually qualified to help others. My book has sprung from my desire to have a single source of all of my special exercises and theories for my students.

Mostly, I think that you will enjoy the experience because I love to teach and I have fun doing it. My standards are high, but you want that, right? If you are serious about improving your playing OR teaching, you will get some valuable information and experience from this seminar.

The cost of this 5 day seminar is $275. This includes a copy of my book. There is a non-refundable application fee of $50 that is due with the application. The balance is due on the first day of the seminar. Make checks payable to "Wendell Rider"

Check the brochure for the price of the other seminar.