Unsolicited Testimonials for "Real World Horn Playing"

“I recently bought a copy of your book and it's awesome! I’m glad to see actual practical information from the trenches available to all. If Farkas’ ‘The Art of Horn Playing’ is the horn bible, does that make your book the new testament of horn playing?” Thanks, Chris

“I would like to make an unsolicited endorsement of Wendell’s excellent book 'Real World Horn Playing.' I picked up an advanced copy at this year’s Western Horn Workshop and was astounded by all the practical information included in this massive book. Wendell has continued the excellent pedagogical work set forth by legendary figures like Phil Farkas, Barry Tuckwell, and Verne Reynolds. In my opinion this book belongs in any horn teacher’s library, as well as the library of any serious hornist. It is a font of information regarding any parameter of horn playing.
It is not a method book, it is a resource book that one can use to remedy various parameters of playing/performance deficiencies. The text is clear, well-written, and full of common sense. Bravo for your outstanding work!”
Sincerely, Dr. Eldon Matlick, Horn Professor, University of Oklahoma, Principal Horn, OK City Philharmonic, UMI Educational Artist

“I bought your book at the UA IHS Seminar this summer and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has given quite a boost to my teaching, as well as my playing. I am recommending that my students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville get the book for next semester.” Thanks, Dorrie Nutt

“I’m the horn professor at the University of Northern Iowa. We met briefly at the Western Michigan workshop. What a great book! I’m hoping to make its purchase mandatory for my incoming students.” Many thanks, Tom Tritle

"Wendell- Your book is terrific and the long tone exercises have really helped me with some of my problems. Hope to see you around"...
Susan Vollmer, Principal Horn, Santa Cruz Symphony, CA

"I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. I must say, it is probably the most prompt book shipment I have ever received. I greatly appreciate your effort and time. My students will get a fresh start. My first goal is to use the information from your book covering breathing and embouchure. I too feel that breathing is the most important part of horn playing. If we cannot breath we are dead. :-)

Embouchure is another important area. I have used your book in guiding me back and it has gone well. The combination of breathing and embouchure have a new meaning to me. What I realized was the my teachers never expressed information on
embouchure or breathing. The clear descriptions from your book have helped me greatly. This is one of the reasons that I hope to attend your seminar this summer.

Again, thank you for your time and your book. I believe that my students will find your book an excellent tool. You have written in plain English and I think that is an asset. So often, words and descriptions used when working with students cause more difficulty." Michael Gilliland

"Wendell, Keep telling'em how it is.. Your book is the greatest. Come see me in Indiana and play the new H192....The MG.".......Love. Ethel Merker

"Take a look at Wendell Rider's new book 'Real World Horn Playing.' It, along with Farkas' book, should be on every serious horn player's book shelf." Regards, Jerry Old in Kansas City

"I have been to the IHS this year and attend Mr. Rider's warm-up session. It's was a really good session and make me more refresh in the warm-up session. And I've bought his book too, it's a good reference book every horn players." Mun Tam, Hong Kong

"I 'warmed-up' the other night using the Voldyne. I spent about five minutes breathing in and out as the tube dropped, nothing special. Last night at rehearsal, I noticed that I was breathing differently if I thought about it. That's the key word, 'thought.' I need to have the breathing become more 'natural.' So anyhow, you have made a difference in my horn playing life. Thanks." Geoff Condon

"First, I'd like to thank you for the snippet you posted about a week ago about mouthpiece placement. I've been struggling trying to recover from focal distonia (long story). Before my problems I never had to think about playing I just could and did. So when the distonia hit and I had to think about how I did it, I was effectively lost. Well, that little snippet made a world of difference and now all of the sudden I have some repeatability to my embouchure setting and something to build on. Before that snippet I had a hell of a time being able to repeat any short lived successes from the previous day. So thank you for that." James Wester

"I ran across your book a couple of years ago when on vacation in Boston. It's terrific, and I'd like to order 4. Thanks!" Nancy Schick, St Louis MO

"My colleague at the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Benito Díaz- whom you met a few days ago in Alabama- brought to my attention your book today. I had a chance to peruse it. It is quite an extraordinary achievement. I would very much like to honor you by acquiring a personal copy of this remarkable document.

Just one more thing: Mr. Jacobs, through his students, also helped me to salvage a career that was rather quickly falling apart. My respect and deepest admiration." Mr. R.E. (Ricky) Irizarry. Asisstant/Alternate Principal Horn, Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra

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