Real World Horn Playing- The DVDs

Volumes 1 and 2 - The Fundamentals

2 volumes in one set

Wendell Rider, master teacher, principal horn with the San Jose Symphony for 32 years and author of “Real World Horn Playing,” presents a unique video companion to his popular and widely acclaimed book.
Whether you own the book or not, this video explains the fundamentals of horn playing; from breathing to embouchure, through all the details of tonguing, range development, the mystery of the lip trill and how to get your best possible tone.
The chapters are listed below, but this DVD contains more than just techniques. It is a special look at horn playing through the eyes of a renowned player and teacher who always puts the musical quality first.
There are over 4 hours of instruction and demonstration on two disks. When you buy this box you also get a listing of all the references made on the DVD.
Along with the specific subjects listed, Mr. Rider adds excerpts, his own commentary and stories from his career in a conversational style that will be much like taking a lesson with him- a 4 hour lesson.
On this web site, there is more information and supplementary material mentioned on the DVDs on the Addendum and Extras Page. New material is added periodically.
Learn how to build your horn playing from the bottom up. See how mastering the fundamentals can unlock your musical expression.

Disk 1
Introduction and Philosophy
Playing Positions
Hand Position and Hand Stopping
Best Tone Production
Legato Tonguing
Legato with Accents
Tonguing Efficiency
Compound Tonguing
A Full Warm-up Routine
Disk 2
Short Tonguing
Double Tonguing
Scales and Arpeggios
The Use of the Natural Harmonics
The Secret of Lip Trills
Ultimate Lip Control
The Glissando Principal
Advanced Long Tones

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